Walking with Father Julian Tenison E Woods

Fr Julian E Tenison Woods – co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and founder of The Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.

There is something powerful, as Christine Valters Paintner observes, about walking in the footsteps of saints and mystics.

This retreat began on October 20, and invites you to dialogue with Fr Julian, to journal reflections, and to contemplate Fr Julian’s story and your own story in silence and stillness.

While we cannot visit the places Fr Julian knew and loved in his lifetime, we are invited in imagination to enter into his ecological understandings and spirituality.

The Congregation Ecospirituality Team provided a PDF below for you each day so that you are able to do the reflection at a time that suits you best. Please click on the relevant day below.

We thank you for doing the online retreat:
Walking with Father Julian E Tenison Woods

Provided by The Congregation Ecospirituality Team