Supporting Fair Trade - Ethica Accessories

The Sisters of St Joseph have a company called Ethica Accessories. This company was established to import goods made in Peru from projects where the Sisters work.

Ethica believes in giving marginalised and impoverished women in Peru the opportunity to earn an income by providing the resources to make products for sale in Australia and paying a fair wage for those products. It is a strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development that maintains the dignity of the women and teaches them skills for the future. Without this scheme many of the women we seek out to help would be unemployed. The Sisters have established four groups around Peru that make products for the Ethica Accessories range: two are located in Lima, one in Pitumarca and one in Tarma.

The women receive cash-in-hand payment for their product as soon as it is completed, and many of them spend it on food, as this is their most immediate need. It is also often spent on medicine, medical fees and school supplies. The project gives women the chance to develop their skills and abilities; this in turn improves their confidence and opens doors to other opportunities and empowerment.

Contact Information

Gina Bradley
Ethica Accessories
PO Box 6315
North Sydney, NSW 2059

Phone: +61 2 8912 2716
Fax: +61 2 8912 2798


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