Josephite Justice Office

Good leadership and sound structures are essential in making sure that advocacy on behalf of those living on the edges of our society is effective.

In 2006 the Conference of Josephite Leaders (CJL) i.e Central and Federation Congregations, seeing a need for advocacy in the community, established the Josephite Leaders Social Action Office, now known as the Josephite Justice Office.  A Researcher and a Reference Group were appointed. Currently  Jan Barnett rsj (NSW Province) work for the JJO which is based within the office of Catholic Social Services Australia in Canberra. In conjunction with the reference group Jan provides the Congregational Leaders with timely statements that enable leaders to make credible, gospel based, public comments on current justice issues.


‘Inspired by our Josephite charism our actions express our preference to be among the poor, and to give a voice to the destitute, the vulnerable and the oppressed.’


Together with Jan, Josephite leaders meet with relevant members of parliament on critical issues of the day and make submission on relevant topics e.g. Submission Northern Territory Emergency Response Review Board.

The Reference Group also produces resources for community education programs for example:

Contact Information

Sister Jan Barnett
Phone: +61 403634534