Governance for Mission

Our internal organisation enables and facilitates our participation in God’s mission and nourishes our religious and communal life. Leadership begins with each sister freely and openly taking responsibility for prayerfully discerning God’s Will for her and willingly accepting and co-operating with those called to leadership within the Congregation.

Local Leadership

Each Sister is missioned to a Local Community of the Congregation with a Local Leader.  She commits herself to open and trusting dialogue in the creation of her community as it grows into a living cell of inspiration and interdependence, trust and inclusiveness, ever mobile for the sake of God’s mission. These living cells of the Congregation are its primary units where the life of the sisters and their part in God’s mission find their inspiration and expression.

Regional Leadership

Since March 19 2013 our Local Communities have been grouped into five Regions. Each is governed by a Regional Leader assisted by councillors. They are the:

Irish Region – comprising all Local Communities in Ireland and Scotland
New South Wales – all Local Communities in New South Wales
CentreWest Region – that is, the Local Communities in South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Timor Leste
TransPacifico Region – all Local Communities in Aotearoa New Zealand, Queensland and the Nova Esperenza Community of Peru and Brazil.
Victoria/Tasmania – made up of all Local Communities in Victoria and Tasmania.

Central Leadership

The Sisters of Saint Joseph are governed centrally by a Congregational Leader and at least three councillors. The Leader, inspired by the example of Mary MacKillop, keeps alive the apostolic zeal at the heart of the Josephite charism, helping break new ground at the service of the reign of God, while maintaining strong bonds of unity throughout the Congregation. Her task is to build up the entire Congregation and lead it in mission. The Regions are united as one Congregation under her leadership.

She and her team are elected at the six-yearly General Chapter of the Congregation and their mandate comes from their Constitutions and the decisions of the General Chapter. The General Chapter is the religious faith community of the Sisters, represented by elected and official members united in the Spirit and called together by the Congregational Leader to reflect on the fidelity of the Congregation to its Spirit, its charism and its mission in the Church, (Constitutions 29a)

26th General Chapter:

At the heart of life
God draws us into a new communion
We believe that this is God’s invitation to the Congregation at this time.
Awakening anew to the creative vitality
of our abundant and exuberant God,
we will immerse ourselves more consciously
in the evolving mysteries
of the universe, of Earth, of humanity.
We are invited to walk together contemplatively with open eyes,
attentive to the violence and beauty, the wonder and heartache,
the desolation and radiance in ourselves and beyond.
We hear the cry of Earth, the cry of children.
We feel humanity diminished.
We will respond as ecclesial women
in the spirit of Mary and Julian,
living on the edges of our existence with Joseph,
as we continue to re-imagine the gospel of Jesus, the Christ.
One with creation we are drawn into the new communion
within an endlessly dynamic symphony of three movements:
allurement, relationship and emergence.
26th General Chapter

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