Aotearoa New Zealand Region

The Aotearoa New Zealand Region is made up of the Local Communities of Sisters in Aotearoa New Zealand

The Sisters of Saint Joseph arrived in Whanganui Aotearoa New Zealand in April 1880.

The Sisters of Saint Joseph are committed to walk with and support the indigenous peoples of Aotearoa respecting the particular cultural differences of this nation and the challenges that offers to this Region. Our Sisters speak 2 predominant languages – English and Te Reo – and join with each other in the celebration of national days.

The Sisters continue to respond to God’s Mission through education, spirituality, pastoral care, ecology, health, family support, counselling, prayer and hospitality. We are always open to the new and emerging ways God calls us to identify in our commitment to make the cause of the poor our cause.

In this age of technology we endeavour to find ways that will keep us connected across the whole country.

Page last updated May 2020