Ireland Region

In 1995 the Congregation made the decision to explore the possibility of Irish Sisters returning to live and minister in their homeland and in 2005 the Ireland Region of the Congregation was formally established.

We the 40 Sisters who now belong to this Region lived and worked in Australia and New Zealand for many years before returning to live in Ireland.

We may have Aussie/Irish or Kiwi/Irish accents but we are Irish at heart and we enjoy living and ministering in whatever ways we can among the people of our homeland.   For each of us it was a big decision, not taken lightly, to leave Australia or New Zealand after 30 or 40 or 50 years and take up the mantle of being a returned missionary in Ireland.

The bond between our adopted homelands and the land of our birth will always be strong.  The life long friendships formed with our Sisters and with the people with whom we ministered for so many years will always bring us joy.  The legacy of Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods lives on in us and is one of our greatest blessings.  We feel closely linked to the Congregation and to our Sisters wherever we may be.

The Ireland to which we have returned is significantly different from the country we departed from so many years ago.  From being a nation of emigrants Ireland has become a nation of immigrants making it a multi-cultural and multi- faith society.

Our experience in Australia and New Zealand has been a fitting preparation for life in the Ireland of today.   We share our gifts and experience among our own people, trying always to promote the dignity of each person, value difference, reverence all creation and walk with today’s poor revealing God’s love and compassion to all.

You will find us working in a variety of neighbourhood settings, in aged care facilities, on diocesan committees and school boards, in various roles in parishes and schools and local communities, with adults and children with special needs, visiting people in their homes, sitting with the dying, responding to people in need wherever we can.



Page last updated: June 2016