New South Wales Region

We, the Sisters of the NSW Region, together affirm our dignity as Josephite women passionately engaged with God and God’s mission.

We believe that we are continually being called to a mission of service to those whose dignity has been diminished.

We are a group of energetic and committed religious women from diverse backgrounds and cultures who are engaged in a variety of ministries, including education, aged care, rural and Indigenous ministries, spirituality and counselling, pastoral care and family support, prayer and hospitality.

Since 1880, when our Sisters first arrived in NSW, our Sisters have shown great flexibility in the way in which we have organised ourselves for our part in God’s mission. Our first structures included a varying number of Provinces, until 1983 when NSW was established as one Province.

During 2012 we embraced the Sisters of Saint Joseph Goulburn and on St Joseph’s Day, 19 March, 2013, we together became the New South Wales Region of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart.

Our Regional Leadership team consists of a Regional Leader and four councillors.



Page last updated June 2016