MacKillop House in Miles

Miles – House of Hospitality and Spirituality
In the spirit of their founders, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and Father Julian Woods the Sisters of Saint Joseph in the Transpacifico Region Queensland, are responding in a new way to the needs of rural people.

At the beginning of 2016, the sesquicentenary of the founding of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, a House of Hospitality and Spirituality has been opened in the parish of Holy Cross, Miles in the Toowoomba diocese.  Sr Di Phillips, who trained in Spiritual direction through the Anglican Church in Brisbane, is the coordinator.

Miles is a Queensland country town situated on the Warrego Highway about one and a half hours west of Dalby.  The former convent has been opened up to receive visitors and people passing through.  Priests and travellers going to or from the eastern centres, call in for a cup of tea, sometimes lunch or even breakfast, before going on their way.

As it is in many places in Australia, Miles no longer has a resident priest.  People are looking for spiritual support as they face illness, drought, down turn of rural communities, economic concerns and mining with its associated issues.  It is hoped that a Retreat in Life will be offered annually and spiritual direction for those who wish to avail themselves of it.  This new ministry is a way in which the Sisters of Saint Joseph are hoping to make a difference in rural Queensland.


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