Mary MacKillop Education Centre, Aotearoa New Zealand

Mary MacKillop Education Centre is situated in Glendene, Auckland. We are an Alternative Education provider and are part of the Waitakere Alternation Education Consortium.

Alternative Education is part of the Aotearoa New Zealand Ministry of Education sector that caters for students who have been expelled, suspended or have stopped going to school.

The core values at Mary MacKillop Education Centre are:


A large group of these students at the Centre are dealing with mental health issues or have learning difficulties. Many have been in trouble with the law or have government agencies supporting them and their families.

Most of these students simply do not fit into the mainstream education system and Alternative Education providers work with the students to re-engage them in learning or life-skills and transitioning them to job-training schemes or tertiary education.

Mary MacKillop Education Centre is a girls’ only facility with places for 14 students from 13 to 16 years of age.  The girls are educated in the Year 9 to 11 levels.

The Centre has a strong emphasis on providing a quality education for young women. We believe that with a good education we are empowering our students to reach their potential.

Mary MacKillop Education Centre is staffed by three qualified teachers. Our daily program is similar to a regular classroom. Classes start each day at 9 a.m. and school finishes at 3 p.m. We have a daily literacy and numeracy program and integrated learning based on the New Zealand Curriculum.

Each student is assessed and an Individual Education Program (IEP) is written with specific goals in each subject area. The IEP is a working document that records goals, achievements, progress and reflections.  It is ongoing and looks to the individual student’s educational and pastoral needs.

Individual learning needs and styles are catered for so the girls feel they can achieve. They are part of the goal setting process and work with the teachers to discuss their learning and goals.  We have the ability to negotiate learning and be flexible – but always with learning and progress at the forefront.

Our expectations around learning and behaviour are high. We want our students to learn about the importance of Perseverance and Resilience and the core values of the Centre as shown above.

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