Goulburn – The Early Days

The Sisters of Saint Joseph arrived in Goulburn on 13th August, 1882. The first five Sisters of Saint Joseph arrived in Goulburn by train from Bathurst. They were:

  • Sister M Evangelist Duggan  (Irish, aged 22 years) – the leader.
  • Sister M Ignatius OBrien (Australian born in Campbelltown NSW, aged 27 years)
  • Sister M Teresa Fallon (Irish, aged 21 years)
  • Sister M Patrick (Irish, aged 20 years)
  • Sister M Joseph Cahill (Irish, aged 18 years)

Upon arrival, the Sisters lived in a cottage in Lagoon Street which belonged to the Sheekey family. They lived there until 5th May, 1883 when the Convert was opened.

The Catholic Freemans Journal of 19th August, 1882 describes the arrival of the Sisters in Goulburn:

“On Saturday evening by the five oclock train five Sisters of Saint Joseph arrived from Bathurst. On reaching the cottage prepared for them at North Goulburn they were met by a number of Catholic ladies of that portion of the town who, during the day, were busy in putting the temporary Convent in order and preparing a dinner for the Sisters. They have met with a hearty caed mille failthe from the people of North Goulburn. who hailed with delight the advent of a religious community among them. The ground for the Convent being secured beside the new Church, tenders for the erection may be called for any day.”

Profiles of the founding Sisters (PDF)
Goulburn Congregational Leaders (PDF)



(Sources: Beginnings: Sisters of Saint Joseph of Goulburn, Anne V. Player rsj; and, Their Story, Sisters of St. Joseph North Goulburn NSW)

Sisters featured in Goulburn Leadership Timeline Banner

Sr Evangelist Duggan 1882-1892
Sr Augustine Doyle 1899-1903; 1911-1914; 1932-1935
Sr Benedict Seymour 1905-1911; 1914-1920; 1923-1932; 1935-1947
Sr Bernard Corbett 1920-1923
Sr Magdalene O’Mara 1947-1954
Sr Vianney O’Mara 1951-1963
Sr Tarcisius Saunders 1963-1978
Sr Berchmans Collins 1975-1981
Sr Celsus O’Grady 1981-1987
Sr Jean Adams 1987-1993
Sr Mary O’Dea 1993-1999
Sr Kerrie Cusack 2000-2005
Sr Noelene Quinane 2006
Sr Kerrie Cusack 2011-2015

Sisters not featured in Goulburn Leadership Timeline Banner as photo unavailable

Sr Joseph Cahill 1982-1896
Sr Patrick Murphy 1896-1897
Sr Clare Gorman 1897-1899

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