A Challenge to Listen to Prophetic Voices

This month, as we continue our reflection on Jesus’ Way of the Cross, we ponder his encounter with the women of Jerusalem and are challenged to listen to the prophetic voices of OUR times.

Jesus meets the Women of Jerusalem…

A suggestion:

  • First: reflect upon what is happening to Jesus in this eighth Station
  • Next: ponder the Moments in the life of Mary MacKillop
  • Finally: reflect upon how this links with your own life
Jesus turning to them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children.Luke 23:28

Not all of those in the crowd desire the death of Jesus, for there are women of Jerusalem who weep and lament at his plight.  In the Gospels these women represent the city of Jerusalem. Jesus is moving outside of the city walls as he prophesies its destruction. Jesus speaks to the women, continuing his role as a prophet. He challenges them, warning them not to weep for him but rather to weep for themselves and their children.

Moments in the life of Mary MacKillop…

God will protect and work with us.Mary MacKillop, 1885

Mary MacKillop lived a prophetic life dedicated to the struggle for truth and justice. She was an educator of the poor and worked in practical ways to bring hope to those on the margins of society.  No one was placed outside her love and concern.  Mary included even those who had harmed her in some way.  One day, while waiting for the ferry, Mary noticed a dishevelled, crippled old man who she recognised as her former headmaster at Portland.  Mary had lost her job because of his dishonesty nevertheless she quickly offered to help him.

Moments in my life …

  • Who are the prophetic voices who have inspired me?
  • How do I work for justice in my own community?

Take a moment to reflect in silence upon these aspects of your life.

Consider the people who have been instruments of goodness in your own life.

Give thanks to God as you name them.

Ask God to help you during this day to be aware of the needs of others.


Prophetic voice: Pope Francis 6.11.2013.

Jesus, you speak a prophetic word to the daughters of Jerusalem reminding them of the justice of God.  Help me to recognise the poor, exiled, and homeless people in my community. Give me the vision and courage to stand up for the values of the Gospel. May my heart be alive with the fire of God’s prophetic love, that I might be stirred into action for the sake of justice.

Forgive those times when I have been complacent about the needs of others. Fill me with enthusiasm to engage my world with compassion so that others can thrive and find new hope in you.

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Image: Station 8, Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel, North Sydney. Used with permission.