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A letter from Mary MacKillop to Bishop Reynolds,

16 November 1883

May Jesus and Mary be praised.

My dear Lord,

The instructions in your last letter surprised me but I submit. All is, I hope, for the best. At least I know you so intend it. I have no hope that any suggestion of mine would have any weight under present circumstances, therefore do not make any unless it be an earnest entreaty that you hear what Sister Monica can tell you and which it may help you to know.

I have made all the haste possible and will leave by the Penola tomorrow. The Sydney Sisters had written to me to ask me over on some business about our property there, so I am able truthfully to give that as my reason, or one of the reasons, for going.

May I tell you that many of the Sisters have sad misgivings and really want encouragement. If you appoint a vicar, let it be one in whom they can confide.

I say no more, but grieving deeply for having caused you any sorrow, remain, dear Lord,

Your humble child in J.M.J.

Mary of the Cross