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Ever since their foundation in 1866, Sisters of Saint Joseph have striven to live according to the spirit of their founders, whose aim was to educate and to respond to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged of their time.

This might have seemed an impossible task but these women succeeded at it because they relied on the Providence of God and the generosity of the people in their rural or suburban communities.

Over time, former pupils of Josephite schools formed Old Scholars’ Associations and their members have been remarkable in the assistance they have given their Sisters, both financially and in kind. These were Josephite people and were the forerunners of the men and women who work with or for the Josephites today.

With the passage of time, the number of people working with or for the Sisters has increased. Today, men and women who are imbued with the charism of Mary MacKillop and Julian Woods are working with the Sisters or within different Josephite bodies which strive to serve God’s people in a Josephite way.

Some are members of the Boards established to manage the various Josephite incorporated works. Many others have given of their time to the service of others as volunteers in Josephite works. Others are Josephite Associates, employees or leaders in schools or other Josephite organisations. There are also Josephite people doing what they can to alleviate the needs of those living on the edge.

Together, all these people are carrying on God’s mission in a Josephite way in the world of today.


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