Melbourne Colloquium
“Mary of the Cross Daughter of Melbourne”
Victoria Colloquium

This two day professional learning program is based on the long running and highly successful endeavour at Mary MacKillop Place in North Sydney, which has taken the form of a ‘Colloquium’. This “in depth conversation” has been designed to raise awareness and appreciation of the life and spirit of Mary MacKillop in order to develop within participants something of her spirit and values and those of Julian Tenison Woods and the congregation they co-founded, the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

Mary MacKillop was a great Australian pioneer woman and Australia’s first saint of the universal Catholic church and as such has much wisdom and insight to share with us all in our various works and ministries with those in our care. The Victorian Colloquium is designed to bring participants to a deeper understanding and love of Mary MacKillop and her work with Julian Tenison Woods and the spirit in which they and their Sisters lived their lives.

The Colloquium experience is planned to help participants articulate and live out this spirit in their day to day decision making and ministry. The program is also designed to equip participants to nurture the qualities of Mary in others with whom they work.

The two day “Mary of the Cross Daughter of Melbourne” Colloquium comprises a series of sessions with input and participant exchange, as well as field trips to pertinent sites around Melbourne and reflection on these experiences.

The 10 short term apartments at Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre, four single and six twin share, provide an ideal opportunity for some participants to live in over the two days.

Please contact Sr Colleen O’Dwyer (03 9926 9300) the Colloquium facilitator at MMHC for further information.

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