Historical Event at Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel

During the silence of the evening of the 26 July, words that hold great significance and meaning for the Universal Church and for all Australians were added to the tomb of St Mary of the Cross [MacKillop].

The original inscription on St Mary’s Tomb was:
                                                      Mother Mary of the Cross
                                                      Foundress of the Congregation of the
                                                      Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart.
                                                      Founded in South Australia in 1866
                                                      Born in Melbourne, January 15th, 1842
                                                      Died in Sydney, August 8th, 1909
                                                      (And added on 26th July 2012)
                                                      Canonised in Rome, 17th October, 2010

Dominic Arciuli, the Manager of “Arciuli Specialists in Stone” with the Inscriber, Gary, and 2 workmen, gladly donated their time and skills, to complete this work in honour of our St Mary of the Cross [MacKillop].

It is with deep gratitude, that we say a sincere thanks to “Arciuli Specialists in Stone” for their very generous donation to the Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel.

To full understand the skills required for this significant work take a journey through the photo gallery!

Marie Dowling rsj
Chapel Coordinator & Weekend Manager
Mary MacKillop Place

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