JAG Future

Nurturing our Spirit, exploring the Social and planning our Service.

On the 1st and 2nd December 2017, the JAG (Josephite Action Group) converged at Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney to reflect on our actions for change this past year and plan our work for the future.

We share our dreams… as follows:

I have a dream…

  • For a peaceful world
  • For universal understanding
  • For equal opportunity
  • To make a difference in our world
  • All people to find happiness and remember to rejoice in the small blessings in our lives
  • For opportunity for all
  • For acceptance of difference
  • For youth involvement in social justice
  • That all people will be seen as equal and deserving
  • That I may complete my education and then help others
  • That people will allow God to be present in their lives
  • For a fair distribution of wealth
  • To live till I die
  • That all people will be able to live their lives to the full

As the young volunteers voiced their dreams for a better world I wished for our politicians to be present and learn.  If policy could emerge based on their dreams the world would indeed be a glorious, fair and compassionate place.

We plan to work to make these dreams a reality – small steps with pure intent.

It is inspiring to be a part of this group.  Rest assured you will be hearing from JAG 2018 and beyond.

Thanks to the Sisters for supporting our initiatives throughout 2017.

Karen Oxley
Josephite Justice Network