Mary Jo Wells, a Sister of St Joseph from Perth, Western Australia, has been writing poetry for many years. Below follows one called, "Listen!"



Listen to the heartbeat!
Hear the cry of the cosmos!
Treat me with respect!
I am suffering in the silence!

Listen to the heartbeat of earth!
My forests are denuded,
My streams contaminated.
My wildlife in jeopardy.

Listen to the endangered wetlands:
Protect me and care for me.
Allow me to provide essential habitats
For my flora and fauna.

Listen to the heartbeat!
Children suffer cruelty and despair.
Please! We need food and clothing,
We need shelter and nurturing.

Listen to the heartbeat!
Assist us to live and learn,
Show us how to become
The image of our bountiful God.

Listen to the heartbeat!
Do you hear the refugee?
Accept me as a citizen!
Give me employment and love.

Listen to the heartbeat!
I am homeless and unemployed.
Bring me shelter, clothing and care,
Sleeping under the bridge is no fun!

Listen to the heartbeat!
My country is decimated
By bombs and gunfire.
My home is a mass of rubble.

Listen to the heartbeat!
I need to enjoy the freedom,
To practice my faith without fear
Of bigotry and persecution.

Listen to the heartbeat!
Age has enfeebled me.
Give me  your care and concern.
Who else will care if you fail me?

Listen to the heartbeat!
My family is torn apart!
Where love should reign,
There is nothing but hate.

Listen to the heartbeat in love!
Ant, spider and black swan,
Willy wagtail and kookaburra,
All cry out for acceptance.

Listen to the heartbeat!
Mary and Julian listened deeply.
Be with us now as we live the charism.
Draw us ever deeper into silence!

Listen with the ear of your heart!


Mary Jo Wells rsj

October 2016

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