MacKillop Camps Come to the Bush in Queensland

Something new is in the air. A new venture involving children and young people is being planned for Holy Cross Parish in south west Queensland.

A MacKillop Camp is being held there in March. Girls and boys from isolated properties and from the towns of Miles, Jackson, Condamine and Dulacca are enrolling to be in the first MacKillop Camp to be held in Australia. Sisters of Saint Joseph and local people are very excited about this new project.

The Camps are the work of MacKillop Community Services Qld Ltd (MCSQL), an umbrella company that embraces ministries of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The camps are based on the four core values of Mary MacKillop which are:

  1. Make room in your heart for all;
  2. Listen for God’s call;
  3. Have an attitude of gratitude;
  4. Do your bit (Never see a need without doing something about it.).

Starting and finishing times for the camp depend on the local community and the availability of personnel to lead the activities. In Miles the children will come on Saturday morning and during the day the first two values will be presented. In the evening adults will be treated to input on the Spirituality of Mary MacKillop while the children engage in fun activities including a game called “The Providence Bag”, a game Mary MacKillop introduced to the students of the three Josephite schools in Brisbane on 23 June 1870. The remaining values will be presented on Sunday and the Camp will finish with lunch. Camp participants will celebrate Eucharist with the parish early Sunday morning as the priest has to travel from another parish centre, a common event in the Church today. There will be opportunity for prayer and ritual during the weekend.

MacKillop Camps originated in New Zealand where they have been operating for about four years. The purpose of the camps is to:

  • Offer a creative form of Religious Education;
  • Introduce a person who has lived like Jesus;
  • Be present to communities that have Josephite connections;
  • Respond to isolated and rural communities.

It is hoped that this exciting new venture will bring the children of Holy Cross parish in touch with the spirit of Mary MacKillop and will be an enjoyable time for all who participate.

For more information on MacKillop Camps contact:

Religious Education Ministry
PO Box 405
Pittsworth Qld 4356

Ph/Fax: 07 4695 5362