MacKillop Rural Network

When Leaders of the WA Religious Congregations became aware of the needs of people in rural areas, they approached the Archdiocese of Perth to see if ongoing pastoral support could be provided to help fill the void left after Motor Missions and many smaller Catholic Schools ceased to operate in the areas of the Southern and Central Wheatbelt.

The church has always worked at establishing centres for administration and sharing resources, e.g. Dioceses, Parishes, Deaneries etc. Therefore, to ground this new ministry, the Archdiocese chose the two Deaneries of Northam and Merredin, thereby incorporating the towns of the Southern and Central Wheatbelt.

The work commenced in 1996 and was initiated by Sr Dora Maguire rsj who established a centre in Merredin and later, Kellerberrin. In 2005 the centre for the Rural Network was transferred to the metropolitan area.

Contact Information
Sr Leonie Mayne
27 Penguin Road
Safety Bay
Western Australia 6169
Phone: (08) 9527 2517