Mary MacKillop Penola House East Timor

A small house was recently placed upon land granted to us by the Church in Becora, Dili, East Timor. After 15 years of renting premises in which to live and work, this is the promise of good things to come.

The Sisters of Saint Joseph, through the Mary MacKillop International Mission – Mary MacKillop East Timor Mission, will be building offices, teaching facilities and a residence so that the work can continue to expand and Sister Julian Langton will be living in "Penola House" as the construction proceeds.

In 2003 the UN conducted a national survey in 500 villages, contacting 40,000 Timorese people. Despite the destruction, food insecurity and health problems which were, and remain, major indicators of the society, 70% of the people nominated education as their highest priority.

We welcome your interest and support as our efforts to contribute to education in the spirit of Mary MacKillop in East Timor take this new step.