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Easter: On my Lips and in my Heart

February 13, 2013

Six weekly reflections on the Readings of Cycle C for Lent have been prepared for us by Tricia Stevenson rsj. This programme can be used for personal reflection or group study.

For personal reflection.
Begin with a slow meditative reading of the Gospel.
Pay attention to the insights, images that arise in you.
Use your journal to write anything you wish to remember.
Use the Word Broken and Shared section to help you expand your understanding of the Gospel.

In the Food for the Journey section make your own choice of something to take with you for the coming week.
Before beginning each subsequent week take time to evaluate the journey thus far.

For a group study
You will need someone to read the Gospel aloud.
The pattern is the same as above only after each section the reader/leader will invite you to share with the other group members.

It is important to participate in the sharing as this is a way to gift others and to be gifted by them. Share the action you hope to take if appropriate. Conclude with the prayer or another of the group’s choosing.

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