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Edition 31:

Preparing for our Next General Chapter | Blessing And Opening of New School | JJAMM Experience 2013 | Revisiting the Virtue of Humility with Mary MacKillop | Submission to State Environmental Planning Policy from the Josephite Justice Office | Victorian Pilgrims Trek the Mary MacKillop Trail | What's On | Fair Trade Fortnight | Ten Year Winter Celebration with Ethica Accessories | Tell us your Thoughts | Keep up with our News |

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Edition 30:

A Joyful Day of Celebration of Fusion | Josephites Join ACOSS in Urging for Increase in Newstart Allowance | Mary MacKillop College Brisbane - Transfer of Governance | Mary's Pilgrim Energy - the Torch Bearer | Urgent Request for Donations for Peru | What's On | Earth Day 2013: The Face of Climate Change | Evening Prayer at Mary MacKillop Place | Visit the Tenison Woods Collection Online at the Powerhouse Museum | Tell us Your Thoughts | Good News from the Mary MacKillop Foundation | Keep up with our News |

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Edition 29:

Two Historical Happenings for the Sisters of Saint Joseph | A Saintly Name Change for Mary MacKillop Primary | Australian Catholic Religious Reach Out to Women at Risk of Slavery | Mary MacKillop and Friendship | What's On | International Women's Day | Peruvian Sunday Brunch Fundraiser | Register now for the Conference, Mission: One Heart Many Voices | Counting Down to Earth Hour 2013 | Keep up with our News | Recent Activities Among Josephite Associates |

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Edition 28:

Flora MacKillop: A Truly Blessed Mother | Fresh Water (Wai Maori) | Good Grief Responds to Natural Disasters | Jubilarians Celebrate at Mary MacKillop Place | Mary MacKillop: Inspiration For Today | What's On | “One Expression” of the Josephite Commitment to Justice | Lenten Prayer & Reflection at Mary MacKillop Place | Keep up With Our News | Support the Mary MacKillop Foundation |

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Edition 27:

Don't Miss Out on a Josephite Calendar | 125 Years of Josephite Ministry in Western Australia | A Window Of Hope For Our World | An Epic Journey Across Australia | Keep up With Our News | New Mary MacKillop School Beginning in a Barn and Farmhouse | Sisters of Saint Joseph Support CRA Statement | What's On | Conference Booklet Launched | Gratitude and Celebration in Port Augusta | Josephites Plead for Voices of Humanity and Reason | A Vision Shared Brings to Birth a New Network | Twilight Christmas Prayer | Last Issue of E-News for 2012 | Shop Online or in Person at Mary Mackillop Place and at Ethica |

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Edition 26:

A Window Of Hope For Our World | Continuing in the Footsteps of Mary Mackillop | Don't Miss Out on your 2013 Calendar | Migration Excision Policy 'Shames us as Australians' | Pen Pal Project with Students and the Sisters of Saint Joseph | Penola - Opening of Redeveloped Woods MacKillop Stable Park | What's On | Merger Among Sisters of Saint Joseph | Josephite Commended for Influence on New NSW Boarding House Legislation | Associates: Keeping Alive the Josephite Story and Values | Mitcham South Australia Celebrates Mary MacKillop’s Canonisation | Mary MacKillop Foundation Brisbane Dinner | Celebration of 125 Years in Western Australia | Ethica Annual Fundraiser | Keep Up With Our News | MacYAC's Penola Road Trip 2012 | Shop Online or in Person at Mary Mackillop Place |

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