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Edition 15:

Life’s symphony | More Events | The 99% and the Catholic Social Teaching | Travelling Sisters Journey on the road again in 2012 | Josephite awarded for Anti Slavery work | N.T. Elders Respond to Government Report on the Intervention | NSW finalist - Senior Australian of the Year | Saving stamps for Mary MacKillop International Mission | It's Calendar Time Again! | Peru Christmas Gift Cards |

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Edition 14:

Elimination of Violence Against Women | 10th Anniversary of SIEV X | More Events | My Story , God’s Story, Our Story | Remembering to smell the flowers | Travelling Sisters Journey Concludes | Mary's enduring influence on Catholic Social Services | Called to tend the flock, literally! | Review of SPACE –Ultimate Journey Beyond any Known Universe | Covenant Josephites in Peru | It's Calendar Time Again! | Peru Christmas Gift Cards |

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Edition 13:

Happy Anniversary of the Canonisation of Mary MacKillop! | Building Bridges, Not Walls - 2011 Social Justice Statement | From Canada to WYD in Madrid - via MacYAC | Mary MacKillop Legacy | More Events | Australian Scientists on Climate Change | Children's stamp collecting forges Peru connection | It's Calendar Time Again! | Sister Theresa Morellini received Pride of Australia Award | The Josephite Ecology Group recommends 'Red Dog' | Fr Julian Woods ... Father Founder and Friend of Mary |

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Edition 12:

Decision Time in Australia regarding accepting those Seeking Asylum | How do I treat the ‘lepers’ in my life? | Its Calendar Time Again | Mary's Legacy - Learn more and support the international work | She's only 17 months Old and She's over the Billion Mark! | Tasmanian Pilgrimage | More Events | The Moral Issue of Ecological Conversion |

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Edition 11:

St Mary MacKillop: Living the Gospel with a social dimension | Building our Nation - A National Conversation | Calendar Events | Governor-General welcomes the Travelling Sisters' Roadshow | New Mary MacKillop Children's Books launched in Queensland | What role models do we want for Australia today? | Mary MacKillop Place Shop Specials |

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Edition 10:

Change: the next step is ours | Australia in Ireland and Warmun Community in Dublin | Calendar Events | Healing Centre - a New Partnership in the Making | Mary and a Pub Full of Farmers | Messages of Encouragement | Mary MacKillop's charism alive in Australian Schools | NAIDOC Week begins | Sustaining our Communities in Mary’s Spirit | Mary's legacy and dream will live on! |

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