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Edition 57: August 08, 2015

Feastday Greetings from Sr Monica Cavanagh |  Good News for Trafficked People |  Mary MacKillop and Suffering |  Memories of Mary's Unselfishness and Hospitality |  Sacred Heart Catholic College in UK Celebrates Mary MacKillop |  Treasures Under the Southern Cross |  What's On Near You |  Mary MacKillop: Woman on a Mission! |  Being in Love |  How to Follow Mary MacKillop |  International Day of the World's Indigenous People |  Mary MacKillop and the Farmer |  Forgiveness |  Forgiveness |  Mary MacKillop: The Irish and Scottish Connection |  Nurturing the Faith |  Why St Mary of the Cross? |  St Mary of the Cross MacKillop's Call |  Prayer Chats with Julian: Chat 14 | 

Edition 56: July 08, 2015

A Bold Revolution: The Radical Response to the Gospel in these Times |  Coming Soon in August: Online Retreat  |  Don't Miss Out! |  Prayer Chats with Julian: Chat 13 |  Remain in My Love (Jn 15:9) |  The Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor |  The Josephite Colloquium Experience |  Sr Hyacinth Quinlan |  On the Footpath of Life |  When We Truly Listen |  I Equip You Because You Are Called |  More Memories of Mary: her Kindness and Courage |  NAIDOC Week | 

Edition 55: June 08, 2015

With Courage Let Us All Combine - World Refugee Week |  Memories of Mary MacKillop ... her sense of humour! |  Mount Carmel College Project in National Reconciliation Week 2015 |  Reflection for Corpus Christi Sunday |  We Beg Forgiveness for our Indifference |  What's On |  Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus |  Sister of St Joseph Awarded Honorary Doctorate |  St Bakhita Centre |  Mary’s Liberated God-centred Heart |  The First Settlers of Peru |  Winter Wine Fest - Sydney NSW |  World Refugee Day - a Reflection from Aotearoa New Zealand |  Prayer Chats with Julian: Chat 12 | 

Edition 54: May 08, 2015

Speak in Everlasting Words |  Asylum Seekers and Refugees |  Emotions Run High on School Gallipoli Trip |  Of Wind and Fire |  Our Unending Joy |  Prayer Chats with Julian: Chat 11 |  Wake Up the World |  What's On |  World Environment Day |  Peruvian Sisters make Life Commitments as Josephites |  'Never See a Need'... Now it's 'Never See an App'! |  Sr Irene McCormack rsj |  Memories of Mary's Grateful Heart and Love for the Poor |  Sorry Day - But Are We? |  The Land of the Holy Spirit |  The Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre Shopkeeper Calls It a Day | 

Edition 53: April 08, 2015

The Way We Celebrate Holy Week |  ANZAC Day |  Consecrated Life |  Global Sisters Report |  Memories of Mary... Her Boundless Love |  Praying for a New Heart and a New Hope |  St Joseph's Day at Mary MacKillop College |  What's On |  Sr Luisa Ege's Life Profession |  St Mary of the Cross - The Miracle of Faith! |  The Interweaving of Death and Resurrection |  Prayer-Chats With Julian Chat 10 |  St Joseph's Day Warmun |  The Song of Sacred Presence |  Sabbatical Opportunity 2015 | 

Edition 52: March 08, 2015

Let Us Go To Joseph: Man of Hope for our Times |  Are You Buying Slavery-free Easter Chocolate? |  Earth Hour Australia: Saturday March 28th |  JJAMM Leadership Conference |  Prayer-Chats With Julian Chat 9 |  St Joseph on the Journey of Life |  What's On and Where |  In the Spirit of Joseph |  Arise from your Sleep |  Living Like Joseph |  Accompany the People |  Discovering St Joseph |  Eleanor’s Golden Leap in Glasgow |  What Legacy has St Patrick Left Us? |  What Makes the Difference: Year of Consecrated Life |  'Saint Mary of the Cross'- Blessed in Shona Stone! |  Famous Australians Record Song About Asylum Seeking Children |  Memories of Mary ... her willingness to endure hardships |  World Day of Prayer Held on Friday March 6th, 2015 | 

Edition 50: February 08, 2015

Lent and the Essence of Almsgiving |  A Lenten Litany |  Compassion and Mercy - A Lenten Pilgrimage |  International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking: February 8th, 2015 |  Mary MacKillop's Compassionate Heart |  Prayer-Chats With Julian Chat 8 |  Some Questions for the Year of Consecrated Life (YCL) |  The Icon of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop |  The Spring and Autumn Stations |  World Day of Prayer, Reflection and Action Against Human Trafficking |  Lent: A Pilgrimage to the Heart  |  Sister Francis McCarthy - Tasmanian Foundress |  Lent: A Call to be our True Selves |  'Saint Mary of the Cross'- the journey begins! |  A Josephite Lenten Journey 2015 |  In Memory of Thomas Merton |  Sisters in Ministry |  Tui Motu-InterIslands |  Coming Home for What Matters |  Plan your Calendar for 2015! | 

Edition 49: December 08, 2014

What Should You Treasure This Christmas? |  Mary MacKillop Chapel Mass Times Over Christmas and 2015 Coming Events |  Prayer-Chats With Julian Chat 7 |  The Fabric of our Lives |  The Year of Consecrated Life |  The Year of Consecrated Life: New Life Emerging |  What Did You Do When You Knew? |  Being Family: A Reflection on a Year’s Journey |  An Australian (Aussie) Christmas |  Christmas in Ireland |  Christmas in Timor Leste |  Ecology in Tarma |  Mary MacKillop International – Finding Forgiveness through Film |  The 2014 National Pilgrimage - In the Footsteps of Mary MacKillop |  2015 Josephite Calendar Now Available |  A Journey Remembered |  Bulk Collection |  Human Rights Day | 

Edition 48: November 08, 2014

What If? |  Consecrated Life: A Love Story Within the Church |  Deep Peace |  Mary MacKillop Would Not Stand For This |  See What's On Near You |  Holy Souls |  The Temuka Foundation 1883 |  Fr Julian E Tenison Woods, Director General of Catholic Education and Inspector of Schools |  Learning from Harry |  What Did You Do When You Knew? |  Tribute To a Teacher |  Prayer-Chats with Julian - Chat 6 | 

Edition 47: October 08, 2014

Fr Julian E Tenison Woods - the Man With a Missionary Heart |  Fr Julian E Tenison Woods 125 Years After His Death |  Josephite Schools Group Attended Australian Youth Ministry Convention |  Let Us Give Thanks for the Gift of Fr Julian E Tenison Woods |  Mary MacKillop International Selected as Charity Partner for Melbourne Film Premiere |  Prayer-Chats with Julian - Chat 5 |  See What's Happening |  Impressions of Tasmania, St Joseph’s Isle |  Fr Julian E Tenison Woods' Last Visit to Perthville |  Newspapers Announce the Death of Fr Julian E Tenison Woods |  Edition Four: Fr Julian E Tenison Woods' Relationship to Other Diocesans |  The Funeral of Fr Julian E Tenison Woods October 12 1889 |  Fr Julian E Tenison Woods Now on Facebook! |  MacKillop Family Services CEO Recognised for Inspirational Leadership |  The Gift That Keeps on Giving - The 2015 Josephite Calendar |  Fr Julian E Tenison Woods: A Haiku |  He Trusted to His Horses |  Majesty of Earth: Ground of Our Being | 

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