One Hundred and Fifty

A poem by Sr Susan Connelly rsj during the Sesquicentenary Year…

One Hundred and Fifty

Looking back can only be done
through a thickening veil
softening the edges of drudgery,
with little meannesses falling charitably away,
laughter and contentment heightened
by seeing more the meaning of it all.

From where we stand
the first risks were the preface
to our well-worn story.
But for them it was unknown,
a trepidation of choices
caught up in the lustrous folds of a mantle of hope.

We build a mythology,
the ever-repeated tale of prophets
cast out, cut off, a threat to the times;
then resurrected when safe,
installed in stone to canonise the killing system.

But the dimming weight of history should not dictate the story
because the veil is now transparent
as we beat our breasts with all the fickle crowd.

The Cross hovers everywhere,
igniting firestorms of love
and sending new sparks.
Christ is the mantle,
and the choices are ours.

Sr Susan Connelly rsj