Ecological Activities

In 2016… Preparing for the seed to be sown…

Gardening is an active participation in the mysteries of the Universe.Thomas Berry
Garden ‘now’, March 2016

In 2020…

Every existence is a mode of divine presence.
Thomas Berry
Working on The Permaculture Principles of Organic Gardening, we have transformed our garden into using “No dig” systems that utilise all composting materials – cardboard, papers, prunings and lawn cuttings…


In developing the garden, we hope it will be a space of beauty, celebration and learning.

The sacredness of this space will reflect the sacredness in all life that surrounds us— the birds, the sea creatures, the ancient she–oak, the lava blister, the human.

Worm Farms:  These are delight in our gardens.  They are an efficient way to reduce household waste and provide nutrient rich fertilizer for the garden.   We have two worm farms and are now putting “worm homes” straight into our garden beds.

Educating heart and mind in the Cosomological approach to the 13.7-billion-year Universe Story:

We do this through:

  • Earth Rituals
  • Contemplative Reflections
  • Earth Retreats
  • Workshops

Visible sustainaility practices at our Centre:

  • regular assessing of our strategic plan
  • House recycling and compost bins
  • Utilizing herbs and natural oils in our cleaning products
  • Craft workshops teaching how to create environmental ways of doing things, e.g., Beeswax Wraps
  • Less/no use of single use plastics
  • cooking from garden produce

The Song of the Bay is heard by every listener.

Our Mission is living in relationship with Earth our home. celebrating the wonders of the Universe and Earth, by living in an awareness of our Earth friendly environment.

  • kitchen and compost bins
  • herbs instead of sprays
  • eucalyptus spray and natural spices