After Canonisation

Mary MacKillop has been recognised as a Saint of the Universal Church. We are invited to look at her life and see what aspects of her faithfulness to God we can imitate.

Mary is a beacon of hope for Australia and the World, especially as the problems which beset us now seem to loom larger than ever. Those who know and love her, our church leaders, religious congregations, co workers, and friends of all religions are ask:

How can we, as Church and nation appreciate and celebrate Mary’s canonisation as a gift of Spirit to us all? How can we embrace all of Mary’s people in a spirit of hospitality and inclusivity – people from other lands? from our own our own lands? our indigenous peoples? in faith groups? How might we celebrate the gift of religious life to the Church and the world at this time? How can the youth of our countries be set free to carry the good news of the gospel to the poor and disadvantaged of our world?

Mary’s canonisation invites us to come to a new conversion of heart so that we, like her, can continue to make a difference in our world. As one writer said, we can ask ourselves, “What aspect of her life can I embody so that, together, we can be a living portrait of her in our world?” She assuredly reflected the Gospel Christ, living the essence of love.

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