People Who Participated In the Ceremony


  1. His Eminence George Cardinal Pell
  2. Archbishop Philip Wilson
  3. Archbishop Denis Hart
  4. Archbishop John Bathersby
  5. Archbishop Barry Hickey
  6. Bishop Joseph Toal
  7. Bishop Denis Browne
  8. Fr Paul Gardiner


  • Writing/Sayings Sr Judith Sippel rsj and Sr Katrina Brill rsj
  • Mass – First Reading Sr Anne Derwin rsj Congregational Leader


  • Mr Adrian Thompson (JCA) – Leader of the Youth Pilgrimage
  • Sr Sharon Teresa rsj – Victorian Province – Finally Professed as a Sister on October 17, 2009

Reliquary Procession

Mrs Kathleen Evans – 2nd miracle;  Sr Niesha Allport rsj, Sister of Saint Joseph – resident in Penola SA;  Mr Ronald Campbell, Scotland – relative of Mary MacKillop.

Altar Servers

  • Joseph Duke – Toowoomba
  • Antonio De Padua Martins Soaers – East Timor

Information about some of the Participants:

Adrian Thompson has been a PALMS Volunteer/Lay Missionary: Vanimo Papua New Guinea 1991/1993. Worked in volunteer field both internationally and domestically since 1997. Associated with Josephite Community Aid since 1993, as a volunteer and as Co-ordinator since 3/2007.JCA invites young people to find Christ in the poor by living simply; in community and solidarity with those in need. Married to Eun Jung Kim at Mary MacKillop Place 4/2008.

Sharon Teresa rsj was chosen by the Congregational Leadership Team to participate in the Canonisation Mass being the most recently finally professed Sister of Saint Joseph. It was a coincidence that the Canonisation Mass was the first anniversary of her final commitment. Sharon’s pastoral ministry in a hospital brings consolation and hope to people in great need.

António de Padua Martins Soares is an East Timorese man whom the Sisters of Saint Joseph have known since 1997. He was the organist for St Cecilia’s Choir in Balide, Dili, when they first met him at age 17. He was part of a 23 member Choir to Australia in 2000 and participated in a five week tour of NSW. In 2002 he was one of four choristers bought back to Australia for a year’s education. He returned in 2003, 2004, 2005 to study music with Sister Marie Therese Levey and under her direction he gained honours in 7th Grade AMEB at the end of 2005. He is now employed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph in East Timor and undertakes music and translation work. He is currently in charge of the local music school run by the Sisters.