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MB - June 19, 2014

Dear St. Mary Mackillop please ask Jesus in His mercy that to-days op will go well and that they get all the cancer,His will not mine.Help me to cope well and to always be gratefull for whatever happens.please Mary love and Protect my beautiful family.

TM - June 19, 2014

Dear St Mary, please intercede to God on my behalf and ask him to cure Annalee from her cancer. Please keep her extra strong during her treatments and scans.

B - June 19, 2014

Dear Mary Mackillop,
Please intercede with God on my behalf - pray for Dana to get well, give her love and strengthen in body, soul and spirit. Amen.

CA - June 19, 2014

Mary, I kindly ask you to pray for and watch over my husband Rodney.
Please guide the doctors on the right path to finding the answers we so desperately need at this stage. I pray for his speedy recovery. His little girls and I need him.

es - June 19, 2014

Dear Saint MAry Mackillop plese help me and my sister in our exams and my freinds as well and please we get good marks for all the exams we do and world peace AMEN.

es - June 19, 2014

Dear Saint Mary Mackillop please forgive me for my sins & please my mum stops smoking & becames happy &healthy again & the rest of family to & best wishes came true & my brother recovers fast from the pain in his back & dad wins house QLD world peace AMEN

D.L. - June 19, 2014

Dear St. Mary. Please pray for my cousin J who is very sad at the loss of her brother. She has had a very sad life with the loss of a darling son. Pray that together with her husband they will have some joy and find the 'Peace of Christ'. Thanks+

avi - June 19, 2014

Mother Mary, I pray that you will help my son find employment soon. Protect him and guide him in his daily struggles. Thank you for interceding for us. In Your Son's great mercy, we seek your aid. Amen.

G C - June 19, 2014

Deqr Mary,
On behalf of John and his family we earnestly ask your intercession for his doctors to make a decision about the best treatment for him.

TN - June 19, 2014

Dear Mary please pray for the team socceroo to come out as a success, I know that I shouldn't ask for this pray but is just they need to have more faith in and from it they need a bit of help from us

thuy - June 19, 2014

please pray for my family relative that they all close each other and share love. Please pray for my health that is will be all good and my parents health. Please really pray for me and Aaron that we at less be together just once time. Amen

DG - June 19, 2014

Dear Mother, please continue to watch over me and my family. Please place my urgent prayer before Jesus. I so need contact with my son and daughter. I need my family to be unified and find the Love of Jesus in their lives.Please hear my prayer. Amen

mtc - June 19, 2014

Holy St Mary MacKillop thank you for your prayers. Please take my son Rodney into your protection so he may have the miracle & grace to be cured of his lymphoma. I offer this prayer with my love & thanks.

mtc - June 19, 2014

Holy St Mary MacKillop thank you for your prayers on my behalf. Please take my daughter Annette her husband Rod and daughter Courtney into your protection to help them in their lives. I ask this with my love & thanks.

SO - June 19, 2014

St Mary, please assist my family with their examinations. Enlighten their minds and fill them with love. Bless you. Amen

DT - June 19, 2014

Dearest St Mary - Please please kindly intercede to God and urgently pray on my behalf that I can sell my home at a good price and to find a buyer soonest. It is very urgent and Many Thanks - Debra Tan

mm - June 19, 2014

Dear St Mary Mackillop. I have been waiting and trying to be patient. I ask you to help me to accept things if they are not Gods will. Heal me. Take my request to heaven with you and if it is granted, help me

B - June 18, 2014

Dear Saint Mary Mackillop,
I am feeling so powerless and would like to seek comfort from your prayer. Please pray for Dana to get well. Amen.

L - June 18, 2014

Dear St Mary, please protect S&H from any health and/or wellbeing issues now and always, please let their results come back clear. Please continue to heal my dad and bring him back to full health and happiness. Thank you for being here for all of us. Amen

TM - June 18, 2014

Dear St Mary, please intercede to God on my behalf and ask him to cure Annalee from cancer. Please keep her extra strong during her treatments and scans.

ML - June 18, 2014

Dear St Mary,Pls pray my Phil trip be successful,pay my land &house tax,get my SSS pension I & Fe get good husbands&good paying,forever jobsASAP,I win 1st prize lotto,oz lotto asap,peoples worldwide be good to me&family&help us in everything daily 4everTY

MLR - June 18, 2014

St. Mary help Andrew in school, do well, gain knowledge, enjoy them. Good opportunities. His conversation, & a good lady for a wife.

BP - June 18, 2014

Please help my sister and have her results come be clear. please approve her application and bring her home to us forchristmas.

DG - June 18, 2014

Dear St Mary, I beg you ask Jesus to hear and answer me. Please grant us unity, forgiveness and reconciliation. May I very soon have healing loving communication with a son and daughter. I am becoming desperate and very fearful Please hear me.

ga - June 18, 2014

I ask for assistance with my job situation. Please pray that I will be successful in obtaining a new job very soon. I really need a new job so that I can move forward. Amen

jc - June 18, 2014

Mother bless Justin wish come true to stop our son shahil & Arnold chanel not to go for studies in india.there papers are processing but my husband justin has heart problems both son are leaving not listening to justin both son have a degree already.Amen

jc - June 18, 2014

Mother marry bless Vina & Justin are asking you prayersand blessing to be sent to there son shahil and Arnol chanel both want to go and do there studies in india and my husband justin has heart problems and both son are leaving not listening to justin

PI - June 18, 2014

Dear Mary i am at my wits end with my son. Please hear my prayers so he can find his way in life. Please help him stop drinking and watch what he eats. Please Mary hear my prayers for him.

TN - June 18, 2014

Dear Marry Mackillop, I know that I may ask a lot and some people may ask you for win some lotto but a part from what I ask in my other pray there is one thing I would like to ask is for our Aus soccer can get past to 3 round and make a best game. Amen

MG - June 18, 2014

Dear St Mary of the Cross McKillop, plese intercede on my son's behalf as he sits his final university exam this morning. Help him to remember everything clearly and do the best he can. Holy Spirit guide him now and always in life. In Jesus name Amen.

DG - June 18, 2014

Please St Mary pray for an answer to my peiition for family unity.May I have a healing and loving response from mt son and daughter. May there be reconciliation and forgiveness and may love overcome all obstacles. In Jesus Name.Amen

AMD - June 18, 2014

Dear St Mary. Thanks for interceding on my behalf. I pray again that you will intercede for me so that Steffi may have a full recovery afer treatment and that my mouth will improve today so that I do not have cause for concern. Thank you.

MM - June 18, 2014

Please keep my son safe on his travels. Please help my other son find a suitable job and help us all. Thank you

DG - June 18, 2014

Dear mother please watch over my husband who is in hospital this night. Please grant contact with my two children that is healing and loving. So that we may have unity and love in our family. In the Name of Jesus. Amen

RO - June 17, 2014

Lord hear my prayer, please give my mother the strength to beat the cancer and pneumonia she is currently fighting, allow her to get better and live a long life to see her grandchildren grow up knowing your grace.

B - June 17, 2014

Dear Mary Mackillop,
We love Dana and wish her well, and we would like to request God to grant her the miracles and the blessing for her life. Amen.

b - June 17, 2014

Dear Saint Mary Mackillop,
Please intercede with God on my behalf : I would very much to like to live at the big house - hoping you can help me to be free of the mortages. Amen.

C - June 17, 2014

Please help dear Mary to help my health get bettter so I can do more things to help others

jb - June 17, 2014

Dear Blessed Mary please pray that Alanna is fit and well and that she does not have any serious illness or disease.

Thank You

DG - June 17, 2014

Dear Mother Mary, please see how I fear. Please bring my prayers to God and please grant an early response.I beg of you to intercede for the unity and love we so urgently need. In Jesus Name. Amen.