A Day in the Life: Sounds of Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral care is a ministry full of sound. Sounds can be heard in many ways, most certainly through the ears and through the heart. My ministry in pastoral care and graphic design/marketing at Mount St Joseph, Milperra requires me to listen in many ways. No two days are the same. Each day I walk into […]


Lifetime of caring for the vulnerable fuelled by Gospel values

Inspirational Woman: Dr Robyn Miller, Chief Executive Office of MacKillop Family Services. Dr Robyn Miller has devoted her career not only to caring for vulnerable families and children, but also helping change the system to allow for early intervention which supports families who are struggling and helps prevent and treat trauma that can lead to […]


A Day in the Life: Josephite Associate

The Vocation of being a Josephite Associate. From being educated in Josephite schools and spending nearly 40 years as an educator in them I have truly been immersed in Josephiteness! I can’t recall who invited me along to an Associates’ gathering; I just seemed to slide into this movement and have remained deeply involved ever […]


Religious Life in a Time of a Paradigm Shift

National Vocations Awareness Week: 4-11 August 2019 Religious Life is evolving in a Context of a Paradigm Shift. For me, Religious life has been a fulfilling, challenging, stretching, disillusioning, confusing, enlightening and personally transforming journey of the gradual discovery of the meaning of living to my full potential this ‘one wild and precious life’ [1] […]


A Day in the Life: Education Ministry

Head of Mission Caritas Australia. My ministry as Head of Mission Caritas Australia is quite different to any of my other ministries and yet incorporates so many aspects of my former roles. Caritas Australia is the international and development aid agency of the Catholic church in Australia. The vision of Caritas “to end poverty, promote […]


A Day in the Life: Pastoral Care Ministry

It is over twelve months since I left North Sydney, New South Wales and started my ministry in the St Mary of the Cross MacKillop – Northern Light Parish in South Australia. The parish spans from Nuriootpa to Port Wakefield. I live at Hamley Bridge which is very central and anything from thirty to forty […]


A Day in the Life: Prison Ministry

This month you’re invited to read about Sr Liz’s Prison Chaplaincy. On passing through security with personal, and clear plastic bag scanning complete, one collects her keys, duress alarm, and signs in. It’s then out into the prison proper not knowing what the day may hold regarding the residents nor the situations that may have […]


Raised from ‘Death’ to New Life

How or When Have You Been Raised From ‘Death’ to New Life? Jesus is raised from the dead! Most of us have experienced times when things have been grim: we have lost a significant other… our treasured hopes have been destroyed… we have been let down, even betrayed… and it seems like the proverbial light […]


Dianne’s Life Commitment

On Sunday 24 February 2019, the sisters gathered in the chapel at St Joseph’s Convent Kensington (South Australia), and burst into joyous song with “Come sing out our joy to our God.” They were celebrating the fact that their dear friend, colleague, Associate and Affiliate – Dianne Colborne – was making her Life Commitment as […]


A Day in the Life: Aboriginal Ministry

This month you’re invited to read about Sr Kathryn’s Aboriginal Ministry. The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry (ACM) tentatively began in the Diocese of Lismore at Bowraville with the arrival of Fr Bernie Ryan sm around 1990, the same time that three aboriginal children in Bowraville were murdered, a case that is still unresolved. Some years later […]


A Reflection on Life Vows

Celebration of Dianne Colborne’s Final Commitment As part of Dianne Colborne’s Final Commitment celebrations, Sr Emilie Cattalini gave a talk on her Reflection on Life Vows. This is what a monk once wrote in his journal: “Dance in the sun, you tepid idiot. Wake up and dance in the clarity of perfect contradictions, you fool. […]