‘PAMRAM: Penola’s Amazing ‘Mary Race’ Around Melbourne

Inspired by both Mary MacKillop and the popular TV programme ‘The Great Race’, the staff of Penola Catholic College, Broadmeadows have organised and enjoyed their own ‘Great Race’ around Melbourne – and discovered that their school campus is just one of many places in Melbourne that bears Mary MacKillop’s footprints!

Recently, on a bright and sunny Melbourne day, the 180 staff members of Penola Catholic College in Broadmeadows ventured into the CBD to take on an epic end-of-term challenge! It proved to be a challenge of ‘MacKillopian’ proportions! A band of creative, resourceful teachers had dreamed up and organised a process that would enable their colleagues to discover for themselves the story of  Mary MacKillop’s Melbourne. This, they named  ‘PAMRAM’: Penola’s Amazing ‘Mary Race’ Around Melbourne. The race entailed visits to a number of sites that are of significance to Mary MacKillop’s Melbourne story and ministry. Each of these places provided both reflective and fun moments, and the event has been hailed a great success, and a ‘day to remember’