Mary MacKillop – Woman of Australia Music Book & CD Set

, Product Code 253


A music book & cd set containing songs in honour of Saint Mary MacKillop.

1-Blessed Mary MacKillop, 2-Mary MacKillop, 3-Australia’s Mary, 4-Mary (of the Cross) MacKillop, 5-Song for Mary MacKillop, 6– The Ballad of Mary MacKillop, 7-Mary Loved the Children of Australia, 8-Mary MacKillop – the Freedom Prayer, 9-The Girl from Fitzroy, 10-Ride on Mary with God, 11-The Spirit of Mary MacKillop, 12-Pioneering Mary, 13-Mary MacKillop – A Seed of Hope, 14-Fire in the Red Land, 15-Something Beautiful for God and 16-Valiant Woman.