A Woman With A Compassionate Heart

From the Pen of Mary: God’s love is too deep for words to express. 1870


Moved with pity Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him. Mark 1:41


Mary MacKillop had a heart big enough to enclose the troubles of all those who sought her assistance. No-one was excluded. She knew how to stand in the shoes of another. Sr Annette recalls: ‘She had the greatest compassion and love for the poor girls and the poor orphans’. There was no wound that she did not reach out to. It was in the environment of her home life that the seeds of compassion were sown. Mary wrote to Monsignor Kirby: ‘My home when I had one was a most unhappy one”.

Story from the Life of Mary MacKillop:

Mary MacKillop loved to visit the orphanage at Kincumber. This sometimes meant that she travelled by boat in stormy weather. On one occasion she travelled to Kincumber in a boat through a violent storm because a young orphan boy had requested her presence as he lay dying. Mary stayed with him until he died and then led the funeral service because no priest was available.

Pause for Reflection:

Take a moment to recall a person who has shown you the compassionate face of God. Give thanks for this person.


Compassionate God fill our hearts with love deep enough to walk in the shoes of those who have known hardship in their lives. Like Mary MacKillop may we reach out to those who are struggling in our community. St Mary of the Cross, serving with compassion, pray for us.


Take time today to extend the hand of friendship to someone who is sick or experiencing loss in their lives or who is a newcomer to our country.