A Woman With An Open Heart

From the Pen of Mary:Make no reserves with God. Reject no-one. You never know what grace can do. 1871.


Zacchaeus, hurry and come down; for I must stay at your house today. Luke 19:5


Mary MacKillop brought the message of human dignity to all whom she encountered. She held in reverence each person about whom she spoke even those who had caused her great pain. Sister Mechtilde recalls how ‘if anyone came to her in trouble and distress, she would encourage and help them and draw the good that was in them out’. Stories abound of how people responded to her presence.

Story from the Life of Mary MacKillop:

Mother Mary taught by her example. I remember how once an eccentric old gentleman was to be tended – being unable to care for himself. Mother instructed the Sisters to brush and comb his hair and long beard. Oh our repugnance. And seeing it Mother herself lovingly and gently did it all and then took him elsewhere for further attention leaving us humbled and ashamed. (Sr Anne Joseph Waters)

Pause for Reflection:

With whom is God inviting me to keep an open heart?


God of tenderness you call all to share in your Trinity of love. May we, like Mary MacKillop open our hearts to all whom we encounter this day. St Mary of the Cross, defending human dignity, pray for us.


Be open to the stranger who comes into your life today.