A Woman With A Courageous Heart

From the Pen of Mary:Have courage no matter what your crosses are. 1890.


Whoever does not take up the cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Matthew 10:38


Mary MacKillop was a woman of faith who lived by the power of the Cross. When it came to suffering and hardship Mary MacKillop had more than her fair share. She endured many tragic deaths in her family, including the fatal drowning of her mother and a life-long battle with ill-health. Hardships also came from within the church. Her excommunication was a very painful moment in her life as was the Commission of Enquiry which the order endured during 1883. She wrote at this time: “ The Institute is going through a severe trial but with humility, charity and truth on the part of its members all will be well’ 1883.

Story from the Life of Mary MacKillop:

On the news of her mother’s tragic death, Mary MacKillop wrote to her brother Donald in England: “You must have heard of our sad terrible loss. Everything was too bewildering at first, then the efforts to recover her dear remains, the funeral, and then came the reaction. It was sad, very sad that she must go as she did, but we must hope that her reward is great in proportion. I cannot now attempt to describe the dismay with which I heard the sad news.” 1886

Pause for Reflection:

How have the crosses in your life called forth courage within you?


God our comforter you stand with us in all our sorrows and difficulties. May we like Mary MacKillop respond with faith and courage in all the hardships that we face in our life.  St.Mary of the Cross, accepting of the cross in life, pray for us.


Hold in prayer today someone who is weighed down by the burdens of life.