A Woman With A Heart Full Of Trust

From the Pen of Mary: When I could not see my way God kept my heart full of trust to make all come right 1883


Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God and believe also in me. John 14:1


Mary MacKillop was a woman who had great trust in God, believing that God would provide whatever was needed in all aspects of her life, be it food for the orphanages, money for the building of the convent, strength to face opposition and false accusation or a way through a difficult situation. She often reminded her Sisters that ‘God’s work does not depend on any of us’. She had a wonderful confidence in God.

Story from the Life of Mary MacKillop:

During her travels in Europe while awaiting the approval of the Rule, Fr Anderley suggested that Mary go to London. On the way she travelled by train. At Verona she was seeking a place to sit. “My dear Angel must have guided me for our good God found me a friend. In some way I happened to drop my rosary, and before I could stop to pick it up this person had done so. I was delighted when I discovered that he spoke English. When we arrived at the next station he carried my luggage to the Customs office and they let me pass politely’.

Pause for Reflection:

What keeps my heart full of trust when I am facing difficult situations?


Provident God you provide for us in so many unexpected ways. May we like Mary MacKillop place our trust in you when we face difficult situations. St Mary of the Cross, trusting God’s loving care, pray for us.


Place into God’s hands something that is troubling you at this time.