A Woman With A Forgiving Heart

From the Pen of Mary:

I entreat you, my dearly loved ones to forgive from your hearts. 1890


Forgive and you will be forgiven. Luke 6:37


Mary MacKillop was a woman who held no grudges. It was painful at times for her to forgive those who had harmed her. She wrote to the some of the Sisters who had spoken untruths about her: ‘I excuse and with all a mothers’ heart I forgive. Forgive from your heart any Sister who has pained you’. 1890. To the priest who had been the main cause of her excommunication she wrote: ‘I forgive him; I forgive all who had any part in these matters’. 1871.

Story from the Life of Mary MacKillop:

Mary MacKillop was teaching in Portland. One day the inspector arrived at the school. The headmaster Mr Cusack rearranged all the classes. He took the students from Mary’s and Annie’s classes who were well taught and gave his poorly performing students to them. Mary’s father heard of this injustice and went to see Mr Cusack. The outcome of this encounter was that they both lost their teaching positions. Years later when Mary was in Sydney she met a dirty, alcoholic tramp whom she recognized as her former headmaster Mr Cusack. She sold her watch so that she could provide him with clothes and care.

Pause for Reflection:

Who are the people in my life that God is inviting me to forgive at this time?


God of mercy you are always ready to forgive us and bring healing into our lives. Like Mary MacKillop may our hearts be ready to forgive those who have hurt us. St Mary of the Cross, forgiving all who hurt you, pray for us.


Hold in your heart before God someone whom you need to forgive. Allow God to speak to your hurt.