Online Retreats and Novenas

Josephite Sisters and many others take an opportunity each year to move away from the busyness of their ordinary daily life. They choose to retreat from the surface of life – to become centred and still. Their focus is to deepen their relationship with God.

There are special locations or Retreat Centres where a person can go for a week or even a few days to focus on the inner journey. If a person wishes there are retreat guides available to offer individual direction and listen closely to what the person is seeking.

Why make a retreat?

In the Gospels we often read that Jesus withdrew to the mountain or into the desert to be alone with His beloved Abba. No doubt, he was sometimes needing space, freedom or to be in touch with his inner compass.

Like Jesus, we can all feel overburdened, or restless, or grief-stricken or vulnerable and yearn for peace or the opportunity to seek intimacy with God who loves us unconditionally. A time of retreat is a great gift. Instead of noise, entertainment and many words, we choose quiet, stillness and silence. Someone accompanies us personally or as a group and helps us to relax into this time of grace.

Online Novenas

We hope you enjoy our Novenas provided, and that, for a week or even a few days, they enable you to focus on the inner journey all within your own time and personal preferred space.

Where can I make a Josephite retreat?

2021 Retreats Brochure (PDF)