Samaritan Accomodation

The Josephite Counter-Trafficking Project (JCTP) in collaboration with the Salvation Army have launched Samaritan Accomodation which provides supported accommodation for migrant women who have experienced human trafficking.

In 2008 the Sisters of Saint Joseph were able to join in the celebration of the launch of Samaritan Accommodation. Sister Margaret Ng of the Western Australian Province has been working in Sydney in this area for some years now. She is highly regarded in the sector because of her grass-roots work which is supported by her high level of knowledge, skills and experience in the field. At the launch, Margaret’s contribution was acknowledged several times by different members of the Salvation Army.

This new partnership reflects the ongoing call:

We are summoned, as Mary and Julian were, to set out on new pathways and held in God’s hospitable heart we draw strength to respond to places of violence, fear and insecurity in our world.

Sisters of Saint Joseph are one of several community partners in this project and are able to enter into such a partnership because of the work done in the JCTP a Congregational ministry.

In this community partnership the Salvation Army provides an extensive and appropriate accommodation service to these women and the Josephites (JCTP) are committed to additional assistance:

  • pastoral support to the women
  • cross-cultural assistance
  • English language assistance
  • the possibility of holiday/respite accommodation
  • networking with other religious orders
  • assisting with reintegration into country of origin, and
  • providing ‘policy and procedure’ support when needed.

The Sisters have been able to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Salvation Army in order to provide this ministry.


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