Spring Whisperings
Believe the whisperings of God in your own heart.Mary MacKillop 1868

As winter becomes spring it reminds me of those bygone children’s colouring books. A few simple drops of water turned the black and white pages into the hues of the rainbow – quite a child’s delight – and no special artistic talents needed!

As this rainbow of spring colours magically bursts forth all around us, perhaps it is a fitting time to notice the colours of the rainbow we experience within us, to listen and to believe in the whisperings of God in our own hearts, to notice and ‘attend’ to those ‘tugs of divinity’ within us.

What rainbow colours do we notice in our sacred daily experience of God, Mysterious Love?

What colours do we experience as we are daily called to listen to both the God of Silence (Wis. 18: 14,15)…  and the God of Storm (Job 38:1)…?

What colours reflect that Mysterious Love that moves in our hearts and in our universe?

As we ‘attend’ contemplatively to these colours Mysterious Love, we journey into Mystery… into Light.

Mystery of pure light, incessantly inviting;
Refracted in the spectrum of experience,
A rainbow entering our being.

Red: deep, enduring love and compassion –
Unveiling itself in moments of utter wonder and awe;
Presence of the Other, gazing with love.
Red: the rage of anger, cloaking the hurt;
Firing our passion for justice and truth.

Orange: experiences of inner strength, stamina, courage.
The orangey brown of the soil, tilled to bring forth life:
The ‘holy ground’;
The humus of our being.

Warm relaxing, sunlit moments of yellow – or perhaps,
The yellowing of old ways of ‘being’, ready to be discarded.

The green of lush life or… the green of envy.

Blue of the sea in which we surrender and trust;
Blue, dewdrop tears that wash gently over our pains and our joys.

The indigo of suffering, the refining crucible,
Held in strength by the God who suffers with us.

Violet: colour of insight and wisdom; colour of sadness and grief.
Contemplative listening; ‘ear of the heart’; ‘attending to the experience’.

But wait, one more experience lurks in the shadow – the experience of black:
Blinded on the brink of a yawning chasm.
God – ‘absent’; black envelopes us – yet the invitation continues…
…that experience too is full of invitation and a loving, personal call to life.

Moving ever more deeply into Mysterious Love –
pausing throughout life to ‘attend’ to the colours of our experiences…

To listen to both the God of Silence (Wis. 18: 14,15)…  and the God of Storm (Job 38:1)
To listen for that Mysterious Love that moves in our hearts, our universe.
To hear the invitation… to surrender again to LIFE and LOVE.

What colour(s) of Mysterious Love are swirling through you this day?

What colours do you notice moving in our world, our universe?

Let us follow Mary of the Cross who truly ‘attended’ to the variety of rainbow colours in her heart.

In the palette of the colours of our daily life – whatever it may be on any particular day – let us also find in our hearts the trust and the joy to say with Mary:

Truly wonderful are the ways of God. Mary MacKillop 1873

Anne O’Connell rsj