Featured in the Global Sisters Report (GSR) is a series called The Life.

Sunrise from inside Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation [2]
The Life is a monthly feature about the unique, challenging and very specific lives of women religious around the world. The format is simple: GSR poses a question and publishes responses from several sisters who are part of a panel of 20. [1]

Sr Rita Malavisi is part of the 2020-21 panel of 20 sisters from around the world that will contribute to the monthly The Life series. The series is in it’s fourth year.

You’re invited to read an introduction to the series and Sr Rita’s contribution provided below:

Meet the new sisters panel for the fourth year of The Life

Lessons from religious life: oppression, conflict, babies, noodle cake, flip-flops and pajamas


[1] Global Sisters Report – Feature Series: The Life – www.globalsistersreport.org/gsr-series/the-life/stories
[2] Photo shared with Sr. Rita Malavisi showing the sunrise from inside Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation, a detention center in Australia (Photo by a detainee)