Having Jesus’ Inner Strength and Courage to Rise Again

During this month when we celebrate Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day – the anniversary of her death on 8 August 1909 – we are invited to continue our reflections on Jesus’ journey to Calvary, and to rediscover how this can throw light on aspects of Mary’s life, and our own times of struggle and failure.

Jesus Falls the Second Time … 

A suggestion:

  • First: reflect upon what is happening to Jesus in this seventh Station
  • Next: ponder the Moments in the life of Mary MacKillop
  • Finally: reflect upon how this links with your own life


Away with him, away with him, crucify him.John 19:15

Weakened by his mock trial and a flogging, in the heat of the day, Jesus falls the second time. The violence of the cross, yet to come, looms large as the crowds continue to taunt him. For the weakened Jesus the road to Golgotha, the ‘place of the Skull,’ seems endless. Continually he struggles to remain on his feet, to continue the journey. Yet an inner strength gives him the courage to rise again, to move one painful step at a time towards his imminent death.

Moments in the life of Mary MacKillop…

Courage, courage, trust in God who helps you in all things…Mary MacKillop 10.3.1874 (aged 32)

Mary experienced the pain of on-going struggle. At one time she responded positively to the request of Bishop James Quinn to send Sisters to Queensland, and over the years a number of Josephite schools were established. They were a great success and highly valued by the parents of the children attending them. It soon became obvious though that Bishop Quinn did not approve of the Josephite style of leadership, even though Rome had approved it. Despite the deep respect that Mary always showed him, after ten years this issue came to a head. Without warning he told the Josephite Sisters to leave Queensland, handing over their schools to Sisters from another teaching Order.

Moments in my Life …

  • How do I cope with the on-going struggles of my own life?
  • In what ways do I invite God into these struggles?

Take a moment to reflect in silence upon these aspects of your life.

Consider the past year, recalling any ongoing struggles in your life.

Notice how you feel as you name these. Now invite God into these situations.


Jesus, like all of us there are times in life when all seems too difficult. Help me to remember that falling down and getting up again is part of the journey of life. Give me the courage not to give in to feelings of self-pity but to strive to place my trust in God. May I become aware of and not be defeated by what feels like failure. Remind me that in all times and places you are my constant companion. Forgive those times when I lose hope, and am driven by negativity.  Help me to find peace in these troubled moments. Give me the desire to companion others in such times.


Download the print version of this reflection: Jesus Fall the Second Time (PDF)

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Image: Station 7, Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel, North Sydney. Used with permission.