The Cross: An Australian Journey

This book by Sr Helen Barnes was launched at Mary MacKillop Place on 14th February, 2008 by Sr. Katrina Brill rsj. At the launch, Sr. Katrina referred to the tranditional Stations of the Cross and the fact that this book now gives us a new lens of context and culture through which to understand the cross today in the lives of the Australian people.

The Melbourne launch was held at Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre on 20th February, 2008. Sr. Rosemary Crumlin rsm launched the book and highlighed the importance of handing on the memories.

The exhibition of the original art works are at Mary MacKillop Place until April. They will then travel to Galong for a further launch on March 27th and then onto Melbourne. They will be available as a travelling exhibition. They will then be housed at St. Clement’s, Galong in the new Artspace, where they orginated.

St Paul Publications intends to have Teachers’ Notes for use in schools and a Power Point Presentation will also be provided.

This book leads to the Resurrection and stories of new life and hope. Inspired by "The Shiralee" by D’arcy Niland and by "The Ballad of the Shiralee" by Ruth Park, there is now scope for response from people. The last question in the book gives direction – "What story or image do you have burning within you?"