The Local Communities in Victoria and Tasmania became a region of the Congregation in March 2013. The Sisters in Tasmania merged with the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart on March 19, 2012. There are 135 sisters currently in Victoria.

.Mary MacKillop was born in Victoria in 1842 and the Sisters motivation for mission is enriched by this heritage.

We, the Victorian and Tasmanian Josephite Sisters, affirm and wish to retain our values:

  • That we be open to, listen to and discern the needs of our time and the response invited of us
  • That our response remain within the spirit and charism of Mary MacKillop, visionary and trusting in God’s Providence.
  • That we be true to the Spirit of Mary MacKillop, continuing to trust in God’s Providence.
  • That we be responsible adults who respect one another
  • That we are faithful to dialogue and discernment
  • That we believe community is for the sake of mission.
  • That we are personally responsible for the nurturing of our “passion and desire for God”.
  • That we deepen a contemplative, Eucharistic, discerning life-style, personally and communally.
  • That we live authentically, simply and joyfully, with respect for others and for all creation, and with a commitment to justice for all.
  • That we promote the Josephite charism by the witness of our lives.