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Ethica and Fair Trade

May 04, 2017

Women in Peru who live in marginalised areas have little or no opportunities of earning an income, but possess other skills, determination, ability and compassion. 

Through their work with Ethica they have been able to achieve many milestones in their development, which has helped them to not only to receive an income but has had a ripple on effect for their families and communities.

It is wonderful to see how one of our groups, Puka Phallcha, has been able to benefit from working with us and being part of fair trade.

The ongoing process has seen them being empowered to use their incredible skills, while keeping their traditional values and still make the most of their potential, with drive and determination to see their lives improve.

The success of working with fair trade looks like this:

For us:
When we make the choice to buy fair trade quality products we are making a difference in the lives of the women who create them and having a positive impact. When we stick to the principals of fair trade we can see positive changes for them.

For them:

  • They have formed their own registered association, sharing decision making and profits
  • They elect a board every two years to give everyone an opportunity to learn business knowledge
  • Their confidence grows
  • They have support on product development, marketing and training in new techniques and skills
  • With the income they receive they can buy better food, send their children to school and buy medicine
  • The preservation of traditional artefacts and techniques
  • Investment in equipment and technology to assist them.

By having the chance to send their goods overseas they have learnt about quality control and are very proud of what it means for them in the community. They can work at home in their own time whilst looking after their children.

Gina Bradley

Sales and Operations Manager
Ethica Accessories