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mpther mary pray for me today and please don't let me fall and keep me safe in jesus name amen


Dear Mother please pray that we get our health, finances back, protected from harm and evil, diseases, this dangerous virus and stay in very good health, our animals also. Daughter needs very good husband, health, miracle. Please help. Urgent. Thank you.


Please St Mary can you help LH to stop drinking before it kills him he needs help and wont accept it he is so young 26
Please keep me well and my kidney functioning
also look after RJ and her boys let her return to her mum
Thank you


Please pray for me that I get the job I applied for this month itself. I will give testimony.


Please help me in regards to my employment.


Dear St Mary Mackillop,Please intercede for my mum (Marie T) to go through medical procedure followed by surgery ok. She is very anxious and so am I as I cannot visit her to offer my support. St Mary please make all go well for he out of it ok. MJ


Dear St Mary Mackillop, please pray for mum's (Marie T) medical procedure and surgery to go well so she can come through it allright. I can't visit her at this stage. She has asked for prayer. I asked you to please be with her '


Please pray Ero returns to faith and the Church. Pray she is blessed. Pray I return to devotion and the grace I found in adult baptism. That I beat my lifelong struggle with addiction and find life. Pray I stay out of trouble now. Thank you.


Dear Saint Mary Mackillop.
Please let Grandson Finn come through his operation successfully with no complications pain or infections. Lord Jesus please hear this prayer from your faithful saint and servant.
Thanking you.


mother mary thank you for prayers answered and keep me safe tomorrow in jesus name amen


Please Saint Mary Mackillop,intetcede on behalf of my family and I and keep us safe from all harm.
Help my Mother and my father to know peace hope and joy.
Allow my husband to know good health.
May I be the very best I can be for all those relying on me.


Please intercede on behalf of my sister and son and daughtet.
Keep them safe and wise.
In Jesus name.

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