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Dear st Mary, please guide me in my work. Im praying for a quiet week, no urgent incoming calls, no difficult and grumpy clients or provider and no home visit. Im praying that I finish work soon and i could go home early every day. Thanks


mother mary pray for me and my sister V guide me in what I need to do I know a loving god has a plan keep me safe until I do his will in jesus name amen


mother mary thank you for keeping me safe today I pray the tree will come out tomorrow and pipe will be fixed G tried so hard and now hes in heaven in jesus name amen


Dear Saint Mary MacKillop,
Thank you for my son doing 3 out of 6 trial exams. That is an amazing improvement. Please help him in his HSC to prepare & sit the exams.
Thank you that my daughters caught case went well & she has moved on positively.


Dear St Mary, Thank you for listening to and answering my past prayers. Today I pray for healing for R. May there be a positive resolution to his cancer. Blessings and healing for all those in pain or hurting.Amen.


Dear St Mary Mackillop Thank you for all the favours granted in the past. Plse help me wit the rental property that has been damaged by tenant and left me sick. Pray to Jesus I could recover part of the costs from insurance and bond.Grant me peace of mind


St Mary thank you for all your prayers and blessings for our grandson Z and his mother L and their friend P please continue to pray for all our family for their healing and happiness we pray to God our Father


dear mary thank you for keeping me safe today I pray they will fix the pipe and take tree out it would be a dream come true for G in heavenin jesus name amen


St Mary thank you for all your blessings for me and my family especially those requested for our grandson Z and his mother L and their friend P we pray to God our Father that he will continue to bless us always with health and happiness


Dear sister please help pray for me and my brothers from our abusing mother np. Pray for her to have a softer heart and love us. Help us please we believe and trust in you. During this difficult time I ask you to please answer our prayers. Amen


mother mary I pray you will hold my hand today and don't let me fall and help get the tree out and they fix the pipe im so tired and G tried so hard im lost with out him and I thought finally from heaven his prayer would be answered amen


Dear Saint Mary please please intercede to God on our behalf and please please pray with us for our son M for his cure healing and protection and please please pray for all the sick and suffering people A and tata,Amen,Thank You

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