Josephite Colloquium

A wonder-full experience.  A real gift.
Given me new life and energy for the journey.

The word ‘Colloquium’ (and our word ‘colloquial’) comes from the Latin word meaning ‘Conversation’. The Colloquium is a three-day residential experience for people who work and minister in the tradition of Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods. It provides an opportunity for individuals to explore and share the stirrings and challenges in their own hearts and lives, as they respond to this call in a new age. As participants share their experiences of ministry, and their particular ways of interpreting the spirit of Mary and Julian in the world of the twenty-first century, they inspire and challenge each other to risk new purpose and new commitment.

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The challenges that faced Mary and Julian in 1866 are as relevant today as they were in their time. Their deep concern for those on the margins of visibility, their hope in a world in which justice, peace and equality are worth struggling for, and their commitment to a God who is bigger than all of us, challenge us here and now in this century. Like Mary and Julian, we too are called to constant conversion and transformation in our living of the gospel and all that is best in the human story.

Over the years, participants have spoken of the ways that the Colloquium has given new life and energy to their journey, reinvigorating their passion for their ministry and challenging them to make life choices that embody the Josephite charism.

I was deeply touched by the warmth, knowledge and sharing given.
Hugely grateful for the time to reflect on how Mary’s and Julian’s pioneering spirit, courage and tenacity can be reflected in the choices and contributions I make in my life.

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Aotearoa NZ Josephite Colloquium 2023 – dates to be advised.

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