Article 8 – Letting go the Life that Cannot be Lived A reflection from the Josephite Eldering Team View
Julian Tenison Woods: Priest, Scientist, Citizen, Founder & Educator Written by Margaret Muller. SA State History Conference Robe, Stories and Lives, Sunday 25 October 2015, 13.25 – 14.55. View
Julian Edmund Tenison Woods 1832–1889: Inspirational Pioneering Priest and Polymath Written by Margaret Muller. Adelaide Club History Group Luncheon 13.9.17. View
Julian Tenison Woods – Scientist: 1832-1889 Article by Anne Player rsj published in the Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, 1989, Vol. 122, Parts 3 and 4, pp. 109-118. View
Julian Tenison Woods as a Religious Founder: Some Contextual Considerations Paper by Rosa MacGinley PBVM, October 2013. Featured in the eJournal of Theology 2014. View
Saddle for a Pillow Article by Margaret Muller about Father Julian Tenison Woods featured in Outback magazine. Courtesy View
Rooted in Tradition: Father Julian Tenison Woods and the Sisters of St. Joseph 1866-1872 A paper by Anne Player rsj featured in the History of Women Religious Conference Papers, 1994. View
Father Julian Edmund Tenison Woods: Occasional Sermon by Father Edmund Campion The Occasional Sermon delivered by Father Edmund Campion on 7 October 1989, in St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, at a Special Mass to commemorate the centenary of the death of Father Woods. Father Julian Edmund Tenison Woods [online]. Journal of the Australian Catholic Historical Society, Vol. 14, 1992: 17-23. Availability: ISSN: 0084-7259. [cited 27 Nov 19]. View
Sacred Heart Sacred Heart reflections and prayers. View
Reflections for Advent Four reflections for Advent leading up to Christmas. View
Nine Days of Thanksgiving with St Joseph “Nine Days of Thanksgiving” invites us to reflect on various qualities of St Joseph and to give thanks for all those who walk the Josephite way, supporting the Josephite vision. View
Formation for Mission Pillar One Values: Mutual Respect Formation for Mission Pillar One contains the "Our Vision" document and several other components, including four values statements. View