The Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart is a faith community of women, passionate about God’s Mission and engaged with the challenges of our reality as they answer the call to mission in our times.

From the time of their foundation, its members have lived among the people, sharing their daily lives and responding to the needs of the day, often in places of violence, fear and insecurity, or places of incompleteness and limitation in ourselves.

They conduct their work through four main areas:

  1. Church organisations
  2. Government and/or not-for-profit organisations
  3. Individual projects and
  4. Josephite Incorporated ministries:

Sisters and Affiliates today mostly work in partnership with like-minded lay women and men to respond to the pressing needs of our time.

Formation for Mission

The Formation for Mission Framework is a response to the need for a formal induction and formation programme for those who work with us in SOSJ Works.

Each person engaged in ministry brings to the role significant skills, knowledge, wisdom, a value base and a range of personal and professional experiences.

An openness to ongoing personal and professional learning, to formation, enables us to deepen our connections with God, with SOSJ Works, with the earth and her people.

The framework consists of Seven Pillars which embrace the essence of living and working with a Josephite Heart. The Seven Pillars are:

  1. Vision, Values and Mission
  2. Formation
  3. Our Story
  4. Charism, Spirituality, Ethos and Culture
  5. Mission Focus
  6. Structures
  7. The Evolving Story

Each month one of the pillars will be given purpose and clarity and disseminated to all who are part of the mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and their incorporated works.

Click the links below to download the Framework and a new Pillar of the Formation for Mission programme each month.

Formation For Mission Framework

Pillar One: Our Vision

Pillar One: Conscious Compassion

Pillar One: Creative Courage

Pillar One: Intentional Inclusivity

Pillar One: Mutual Respect

Pillar One: Mission

Pillar Two: Formation

Pillar Three: Our Story

Pillar Four: Charism, Spirituality, Ethos and Culture

Pillar Five: Mission Focus Cover Letter

Pillar Five: Mission Focus

Pillar Six: Structures

Pillar Seven: The Evolving Story