SA Associates Newsletter November 2010 View
NSW Associates Newsletter November 2010 View
Queensland Associates Newsletter November 2010 View
SA Josephite Associates Brochure An invitation to respond to the call to live the charism of MARY MACKILLOP View
South Australian Associates Newsletter – August 2010 At the time of her canonisation, how will we recall and celebrate Mary MacKillop’s life? After the 31st October, what will we do to remember her life within our community? View
Victorian Province Associates – Spring Prayer 2010 Spring is a Time of Love, A Time of Growth View
Victorian Province Associates – Spring 2010 Welcome to the beginning of Spring when we see new growth everywhere. Our gardens take on new life and new growth gives promise of beauty. View
Aotearoa New Zealand Associates Newsletter – Spring 2010 On 17th October Blessed Mary MacKillop will become St Mary MacKillop – an eagerly anticipated event by the thousands of people whose lives have been touched by this inspirational woman. View
NSW Associates Newsletter August 2010 View
Queensland Associates – June 2010 There are many ways all of us could prepare for our Blessed Mary MacKillop’s Sainthood in October. View
New Zealand Associates – June 2010 As we wait, with a great deal of anticipation and joy, for the canonization of Blessed Mary MacKillop, let’s use this waiting time to remember the values that Mary was passionate about. View
NSW Associates Newsletter – February 2010 Sr Clare Noonan appointed new Associates Co-Ordinator. View